Reset Safari on Your Mac Computer

Safari is the default browser in all the MacBook devices. This web browser is featured with various integrated features providing you a best web browsing experience. If safari browser in Mac is not running well or showing a technical problem, you need to reset with default settings and avoid the chances of browser crash or slow speed issues. Below you can find the right method to reset safari browser on your MacBook device.

Clear the Browsing History

Safari browser stores all the browsing history, which should be cleared with the help of mac technical support. It has an in-built tool you can run directly on your Mac system and everything will be cleared from the browser. You can delete the history date or time wise or remove the entire browsing history at one click from the menu.

Reset Safari on Your Mac Computer?

Clear the Web Caches of Safari

Apart from deleting browsing history, you also need to clear the caches that are temporarily stored into local storage of your system. To clear that go to advance setting of safari preferences and click the show develop menu in menu bar option and select on empty cashes from this menu to delete the caches files from Mac.

Disable All the Extensions

Adding extensions on the web browser is very useful to perform various actions quickly. However, sometimes adding excessive extensions creates problem like slow safari browser or other issues. To avoid such issues, disable all such extension on your Safari browser and if you face problem, just call to apple mac tech support and allow a remote access to disable or remove extensions and restore the speed for Mac.


Manage or Disable all the Plugins

Plugins on a website helps to show various types of contents to you but sometimes due to slow internet connection or loading time problem it can create issues. To avoid such situations either manage such plugins or disable the same on your Mac Safari browser. You can find the setting for plugin in safari security preferences where just uncheck the allow plug-ins checkbox. Now re-launch your safari browser and enjoy uninterrupted browsing with apple mac support.