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Major Reasons and Fixes for Slow Running iMac

All the devices usually get slow down with age, either it is MacBook or iMac, it does not matter at all. But, you should not worry about, as there are multiple tips to increase the performance of it that will help you to fix the slow running iMac. We have discussed some of the major reasons for the slow speed of iMac and with its suitable solutions. If the solutions do not go according to your problem, feel free to consult experts at Apple technical support number.

  • Problem: Your hard drive is getting full-

Too much content stored on the hard drive is one of the major causes of the iMac slow performance. If you lighten the load from your hard drive, it is sure that the speed of your iMac will get an increase.

Solution: Clean UP your hard drive-

Cleaning up the hard drive is not easy as it sounds. Removing the unwanted content like old movie files, organizing your desktop and searching for iMac for old files is simply not an easy task. Although, the removal of the unwanted and content and cleaning the system can be easily safe and beneficial for more space. Here, the best option to fix the problem is to use a Mac Cleanup tool to clean up your entire iMac. The tool knows that what needs to be clean and where to clean as well as it is incredibly safe to use.

  • Problem: Outdated Mac OS-

The other main issue behind the slow performance can be outdated Mac’s OS X that is extremely important for the speed of iMac. An older OS X is usually slow, that is the only reason, Apple releases the new OS X’ every year.

Solution: Update your Mac OS

Keeping your Mac OS to the latest version is the good attempt. It is absolutely false that updating the version of Mac OS will add more junk to your already slow iMac. Therefore, simply update your iMac to enhance the speed of your iMac.

  • Problem: Startup is slowing you down-

While starting up your iMac, there are lots of things that get loads in the background. They just not only slow down the startup, but also make your entire iMac slow down.

Solution: Manage your Startup Items-

Here, to deal with the problem, you need to give your iMac a clean start and make OS X run faster. If you do not manage the startup of your iMac, it starts making your iMac slow and sluggish. Here, you can perform all routine process to fix the problem.

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