Steps To Resolve Issue Of MacBook Not Charging

Steps to Resolve Issue of MacBook Not Charging

Apple is a world-renowned brand which is known for its technologically advanced devices. Whether it is MacBook, iMac, iPhones or any other product of Apple, all are widely used across the globe. Apple products are known for their great performance but once in a while there can be issues which may not let your device to function properly. Therefore, in such a case you can either choose to resolve the issue on your own or just connect with our experts over the call to get your issue resolved instantly. Customers can call on our Mac technical support number and get instant help. One of the most common issues is the not charging of MacBook. It is not a very difficult issue to resolve.


If your MacBook is not charging you can try to resolve the issue by doing the following:

  • To rule out the power supply issue plug the laptop into a different socket.
  • Next to test the power cable, try to use another power cable. You would get to know that it is the issue if the laptop charges with a different power cable and then you can get it replaced.
  • Now charge another MacBook from the same power cable to ensure there is no fault in the power cable.
  • If any of the above-mentioned tricks do not work, try resetting your MacBook’s SMC. It is the System Management Controller.
  • To reset it you first need to shut down your MacBook. After you have switched it off, attach the MagSafe power adapter. Once the adapter is connected keep the Control, Shift, Option as well as the Power button on hold down for about four seconds, before you release all of them at the same time.
  • After the SMC has been reset, switch on the MacBook to check if the issue has been resolved.
  • It is possible that your issue may not be resolved till yet. If it is so, it is probably because the battery life of your laptop is over and it needs to be replaced.

While we’re on the subject, if you possess an old MacBook that has removable batteries you could reset the battery. Simply remove the battery fully and then re-insert it. When you do this, it is possible that the issue might get fixed but it is also important to consider that every machine has a specific age limit too. Thus, if following the instructions also doesn’t let you unable to resolve the issue then you can get in touch with our experts on 1-877-708-3372. They are available round the clock and offer the best in class service to our customers on our Apple MacBook technical support number.