Steps to Troubleshoot MacBook Error Code 36

Mac OS users are benefited with most of the facilities and one of the rare benefits that they have is to read and write the most formatted volumes. This means that your Mac can easily attempt reading and write most of the things, directly from the memory card in your camera to networked Windows machines or devices. Occasionally, although when you try to copy files, you might experience an error code 36 that completely disturb the copy procedure and ends the Mac OS users to the shores of the Google. In order to know more, you better use Mac technical support number by which you can contact experts easily.

During the time Mac error occurs, there is a specific thing that the error is definitely ambiguous. The error code 36 indicates that the finder cannot complete the functioning due to some data in “FileName” that cannot be read or written. The error appears during the time you try to copy files from one location to another like a memory card to your hard drive.

However, the error can happen to any file, and the major cause for the error is to do completely with invisible. DS_Store files. The “dot-underscore” are acquaintance files that Mac OS X’s HFS+ filesystem generates for the files once they get moved to FAT16 or FAT32 volumes, AKA thumb drives. Generally these hidden files include additional information, such as holding metadata like icon images and files. These hidden files contain extra information, like which holds metadata like icon images and files. The problem usually raised once moving files from a Window- compatible volume to a Mac and then back again, resulting in the dreaded “Error Code -36″.

Moreover, if you encounter the error code 36 on a MacBook, Mac OS, don’t get panic as there are some certain solutions. To fix the error, you can use dot.clean, you need to place it in the directory that is copied and throwing the Error Code 36 – it’s as easy as drag and drop.

  • Open the terminal “Application and Utilities” and then type dot_clean and a single space.
  • Now, you have to drag the flash drive or memory card icon to the terminal window, and then there will a path or the folder gets generated.
  • Afterword, you need to press ‘Enter’. Here, the hidden ‘._’ files should be multiple with their host files. Now, you can easily copy the files to the flash drive or memory card.
  • Here, the dot_clean command simply goes via all the files in a directory that you have selected and then try to combine all the ._DS Store files with their corresponding resource files.

If the problem is recurrent and you get it constantly when trying to copy files to and from, then you should consult experts for instant help. Call on +1-877-708-3372 to avail Apple MacBook technical support where you will be assisted by the team of passionate and professional IT technicians who are there to deliver world- best support on your desk at nominal charges.