Monitor to Troubleshoot Problems on a Mac

No matter how much we don’t like having problems with our computer and laptops but it is something that still remains inevitable. If you have an Apple Mac then you expect it to deliver the best performance possible. But at times it can also slow down due technical issues and you would require technical support for Macbook Air. However, there are few troubleshooting tools in the operating system of your Mac, which can be helpful in such situations. One of these tools is the Activity Monitor on your Mac.

Where is the Activity Monitor on a Macbook?

Follow the following steps to find the Activity Monitor on a Mac:

  • Go to your Applications folder where you will find the ‘Utilities folder’
  • Double-click on the ‘Activity Monitor’
  • Here you’ll see a simple app with five tabs as well as a list of entries that change within few seconds

Activity Monitor

Inside the Activity Monitor there are five tabs, namely:

  • CPU tab
  • Memory tab
  • Energy tab
  • Disk tab
  • Network tab

Each of the above mentioned tabs keep a track of some defined features of your Mac’s performance.

Using Activity Monitor to Troubleshoot Problems on a Mac

The CPU Tab

The CPU tab shows how your Mac’s processor(s) are working. This tab lets you know which apps are working the hardest

The Memory Tab

This tab gives you an idea of how much RAM your apps are using. You can find the most RAM-hungry apps, and, if your Mac is running slowly, you can choose to quit them.

The Energy Tab

The Energy tab tells you which apps and processes use the most power. For a desktop Mac, this isn’t very important, but if you’re seeing poor battery life on a laptop, this is the place to check.

The Disk Tab

Most users don’t need to worry about the Disk tab. This shows how much data is being written to and read from your Mac’s drives. This information could be important if you’re running a server, and you need to keep an eye on input and output, but average users can just skip this.

The Network Tab

This tab shows how much data is entering and leaving your Mac over its network interfaces for active apps and processes.

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