Our refund policy fundamentally the rules on which the return of partial or complete refund of the money, which was charged by us in lieu of the services offered by us, is made to the customer. The return can only be claimed by the customer within the time period of first 30 days of getting the services. The approval of refund request is subjected to the predefined terms as well as conditions that are followed by our company. If the customer finds our service to be not useful or dis-satisfactory then they can choose to ask for a refund, which would be at our discretion for approval.

Process of Refund

  • We check the authenticity and genuineness of the refund request once it is received
  • We tally it with our preset legal as well as refund terms and conditions
  • If we find the request to be legitimate and genuine then we process the request for refund else we reject it.
  • Customer is informed about the approval or rejection through E-mail


After receiving the refund request it may take up to 7-10 days for the refund process to complete.

The refund would be made in the same currency in which you were charged. Exchange rate may apply if it’s not your native currency, therefore if there is a change in the exchange rate of the currencies then the same may reflect in the amount refunded and what you originally paid. It would solely be the responsibility of the customer, if any losses or fees are to be borne in the same process.

Change of Policy

We hold complete charge of altering, modifying or making any changes in this refund policy. To stay abreast with the changes, keep checking this page regularly for any changes.

Contact Us

For more information regarding the terms mentioned in this refund policy you contact us via our official Email ID.