Our terms of use are the set rules which we want the users of the website to abide by. Violation of any of these rules would possible lead to the termination of any contract that the user has with us and may be forbidden from using the website thereafter. . Our service is offered on as is and as available basis. We believe it is at the discretion of the user as to how to benefit from our portfolio of technical support service for Apple products. Our services can be availed by the customers on payment of a certain amount of money or by purchasing of our subscriptions. Clients can use our services through call, chat or email. If the client violates any rule mentioned in our terms of use policy, then his/her user account would be terminated. It is essential for the safety and security of this website to follow the terms of use strictly.


We do not give permission for copying, reproducing, re-publishing, transmitting, distributing or using the content of this website for any other purpose or by any one else, if you have not already taken a written permission from us for doing the same. By using our website, it would be assumed that you agree not to reproduce the content, graphics as well as images displayed on this website. If any user fails to abide by this rule then any rights given to the user would be terminated with immediate action, without even informing the user.


You approve to indemnify, defend plus hold harmless against any as well as all liability, punishments, fines, losses, compensations, expenses, attorneys’ charges, causes of action or dues caused by or non-subsequent use of the service which harms either you, or for that matter any other party/ parties without limitation or exception.

Cancellation and Termination

If the customer abandons the subscription of any service prior to the end of the paid up month, it would automatically lead to the cancellation of the service and client would not be charged for the same in the near future. The client would be responsible for cancellation of the services in such a situation and it would be considered his will. Apart from that if the user violates any other terms of use or our privacy policy then it would again lead to automatic cancellation of the user account and services would be discontinued.

Content Ownership and Copyright

Our company reserves all rights to remove, delete and get rid of any kind of content that is illegal and has been put up by the user. Any data or information shared by the user would remain the intellectual property of that individual. We would not own the copyright of any such data.

Changes in the Policy

It is at our sole discretion to immediately change, alter or remove any content on this policy or user’s account information, in whole or in part, without prior notice to the user. If we by any chance come across any unlawful activity by the user on our website then we can terminate his account with us instantaneously.